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10031 McLaughlin Road,
Brampton, Ontario
L7A 2X5

Phone: +1 905-846-9227

Categories: Car repair

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  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    Awfully slow service, I came to the auto place to get my winter tires replaced and the guy at the counter told me it'll unfortunately take 1.5 hours because they have other cars before it. I come back there 3 hours after not receiving any phone call, and get told by the same guy that "sorry it'll be another hour and a half". I'm still here waiting and I can see the employees in the garage literally not doing anything, working extremely slowly while the lineup builds to ridiculous level. Either hire more people that will actually get stuff accomplished or at least be honest about the absurd wait times. Either way I would never come back here for service and I recommend all of you to do the same.
    by Arkadi Yakushev
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    I don't want to give even one star. This store has the Worst customer service ever. Not once or twice, but always. I live nearby so once in a while has to visit just due to the convenience this location provides me. From now on, the poor service has outweighed the convenience so never going to visit again. They always make excused when anything has to be returned. This time they blatantly refused to take the return back even when the item was purchased less than a week ago, the product was in original packing and never used. What would you call it when Manager would say “This is Canadian Tire policy to not issue a refund but only exchange”? The receipt says otherwise. It is written on the receipt that product can be returned within 90 days. Both, statement from the manager and writing on the receipt, cannot be true at the same time. I leave the verdict to the reader as to who was lying. Least I could say about the manager was that she was non-professional but it was actually much worse. I promised to the Manager to spread the word on her service and policy. My recommendation; BAN THIS STORE for all future purchases. Visit only if you are willing to expect the worst service and no return policy. Remember, worst service!
    by Tanveer Mansoor
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Canadian Tire is located at 10031 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, Ontario.